We will not ask you, unless absolutely necessary, for personal information. We will never share your personal information with a third party

If at any time you want to delete or correct your data, you can do it yourself from any of our communication channels (Mail to: info@webdato.com).

We promise that your information will be well protected and we make available the edition or elimination of the database, when you require it.

"The owner of the personal data has the power to exercise the right of access to them free of charge and at intervals of not less than six months, unless a legitimate interest to that effect is proven, in accordance with the provisions of article 14, subsection 3, of Law No. 25326 ".

"The National Directorate for Personal Data Protection has the power to deal with complaints and claims that are filed in relation to non-compliance with the rules on personal data protection".

For more information on: Rights of Information, Access, rectification, update or deletion, Credit information - Right to be forgotten, you can go to the section "Your Rights"

WebDato takes information available from Web browsers and servers, like most sites with statistics.

WebDato will use the contact information and make it available to its employees who need to obtain such information in order to process or contact you. By using our site, you give permission for our employees to have access to your information. WebDato will not share, rent or sell your personal data with anyone. WebDato reserves the right to disclose personal information in the event of a subpoena, court order, or applicable government request.

If you provide us with data by registering on our site by providing your email address, WebDato may send you emails to provide you with useful information, newsletter services, promotions and benefits, request for opinions, etc. We do not like SPAM, therefore, we will send only relevant or interesting communications considered by WebDato.

WebDato maximizes the measures considered necessary to protect against unauthorized access, use, alteration or destruction of personal information.