Features of the ERP Management System

Invoices and documents

You will be able to print tickets, receipts, invoices, remittances for orders, sales and purchases. The documents come with the business logo.


Lists of prices, clients, suppliers, products, etc. in a completely orderly manner.

User levels

Unlimited number of users and at different levels such as administrators, managers, salespeople.

Current account

You will be able to keep a checking account with each of the clients, suppliers, and even sellers' commissions.


Analysis and data of your business. Such as sales volume, best sellers, customers, best-selling products, etc.

Periodic backups

We make periodic backups of the system and data. Also history of all movements made.

24/7 Support

We provide technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Own development

We develop one of the most agile and fastest shift systems on the market.

Encrypted Data

Your data is encrypted and cannot be stolen.

We do not charge for the number of users, sales, clients, or commission, etc. Is completely Unlimited

ERP Management System Plans

Business Management System

USD75 / Month

  • Updates: Yes
  • Servers: Yes
  • Number of Clients: Unlimited
  • Number of Users: Unlimited
  • Number of Suppliers: Unlimited
  • Commissions: 0%

Many clients already work with our ERP Management System in Worldwide

Some Customers

WebDato works with small, medium and large companies around the world.
Our intention is to be a strategic partner for them that helps boost their businesses and thus grow together.