Features of the HelpDesk Service

Help with day-to-day problems.

You can reduce downtime caused by the most common problems.

Attention to configuration problems.

We avoid that problems in the configuration of the devices prevent your work team from performing in the best possible way.

Track updates.

Outdated systems are the # 1 cause of information theft, viruses, extortions, and other dangerous forms of cybercrime.

Protection and advice against: computer viruses.

No system is infallible, that's why we take care that your company is prepared for any situation.

Advice to improve your systems.

Sometimes the problem is not the operating system, but the computer. We advise you on how to keep your equipment working 100%.

Protection against phishing or information theft.

We protect against possible phishing actions against the company.

Your Servers are protected with WebDato HelpDesk.

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Many clients already work with our HelpDesk Service

Some Customers

WebDato works with small, medium and large companies around the world.
Our intention is to be a strategic partner for them that helps boost their businesses and thus grow together.