Dynamic QR Code features

Own Logo

The QR will have the brand's own logo in focus, this is a great visual and differential impact.


You will be able to see Analytics, including the number of scans, the date, time and location of a scan, etc.


Although the QRs be the same, we can modify the content that the QR displays. So you are not constantly changing the QR

Saving money

A simple mistake or change will require new code (usually free) and a lot of printing (quite expensive), This does not happen with our QR.

Unique QR

The QR codes we generate are unique and cannot be duplicated in any way.

World reach

The QRs we generate work all over the world.

Your QR forever, we do not charge for number of scans

QR Code Plans

1 QR

USD10 / Month

  • QR quantity: 1
  • Scans: Unlimited

10 QR

USD30 / Month

  • QR quantity: 10
  • Scans: Unlimited



  • QR quantity: + 10
  • Scans: Unlimited

Many clients already work with our Service of Dynamic QR Code

Some Customers

WebDato works with small, medium and large companies around the world.
Our intention is to be a strategic partner for them that helps boost their businesses and thus grow together.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dynamics QR Code

Because if you use a normal QR code, once you create it they have a specific functionality that you will not be able to modify, and if you want to modify something you will have to re-create another QR code with that modification and reprint and share them again.

On the other hand, with dynamic QRs, the QR is always the same, what we do is modify its functionality and in this way you save a lot of money and time.

None, you can use it as many times as you want and for whatever you need.

  • QR service is requested Here
  • We create and send the Dynamic QR that will be unique and permanent for the client.
  • The functionality that the client wants is applied to it. They can be different functionalities such as: links to websites, menus, contact details, locations, social networks, etc.
  • Ready to use
  • Follow-up and help in the use of the service.
  • Finally and most importantly: The client may request the modification of the QR functionality. That is to say that if today you have for example an address, we can modify it to a new one, direct to another website, etc.

Webdato has more than 10 years of experience in the sector. He works with clients around the world and is exclusively dedicated to providing solutions to small and large businesses.

We have a team of experts in each area who guarantee optimization in what we do.